I just wanted to take a second to be sassy...

Remember when Anastasia Beverly Hills was THE brand? 

The Brow Wizz, The Mario Palette, Modern Renaissance, Soft Glam?! They were ahead of the social media game, setting the trends in the beauty industry. They were brows before brows became a thing, they created the warm toned eyeshadow craze and they collaborated with influencers before it was even a thing. However, since their Subculture fiasco and their never ending palette releases of 2019 we haven't quite seen ABH reclaim their cult beauty brand status. Now, I have many theories for this but in this post we will just be looking at some of their latest releases and wondering... what's happening over at ABH HQ to give these products the green light?!

Hi ABH, the world's fucking oceans called and asked you what in the hell you were thinking releasing makeup wipes in 2021? It's like they haven't heard of reducing waste, reusable makeup cotton rounds and you know, soap and water. I just, 
I. Don't. Understand... ?

Now, when their Brow Freeze came out, I was almost excited because if any brand could slay a brow was, it's the queen of brows Anastasia Soare. But... why so late? This isn't trend setting. Patrick TA did it, Flower Beauty did it, Soap Brows did it, Iconic London did it, Lottie London did it. Now, I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt that maybe they took this long because they wanted to NAIL the formula and that this was the beginning of THE year that ABH came back on TOP. But then this happened...

Face Palettes... in 2021? 

I'm bored. Why. WHY?!

First of all, props for a more inclusive shade range (here's looking at you Benefit... ) but aren't we over palettes where we aren't in love with each shade? Like, I get it, face palettes are useful on the go and when travelling but... we are still in a pandemic. Save your money. Buy your perfect, favourite and most flattering blush, bronzer and highlight individually and get the most love out of them. Now, a customisable palette where you can choose your perfect shades? I'm here for that. But I am not here for this, thank you, next.

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