One of my most popular posts is of the Mac Matte Lip Collection (2014 - read here). One of my favourite makeup items is lipstick because I love the colours and the "state of mind" feel they give. They are easy to slick on and immediately make you look like you've made an effort, even if all you've done is curled your mascara. So due to my love for matte lipstick and your love for my lipstick posts, I thought it was only sensible that I purchase some of the most interesting shades from the Mac Matte Lipstick Collection 2015.

The shades which stood out the most to me (in photo order) were Runway Hit - a retro matte light pink with coral undertones, Tropic Tonic a matte light-medium bright coral, Whirl a cool pink/mauve brown and Persistence a cinnamon/terracotta brown.

All of these lipsticks are the classic Mac matte formula which I love as it is comfortable yet a traditional matte in texture and finish - plus it lasts for ages. However, Runway Hit, the only retro matte in the lipsticks that I picked up is one that I am not fond of. The lipstick has the traditional retro-matte texture in that it pulls on the lips with application due to it's dryness. However, it isn't like Ruby Woo in it's powdery feel, it seems to me that Mac has added a lot of silicone into Runway Hit in order to make it more comfortable to wear, however it has just made the lipstick application quite terrible as it skips on the lips and leaves a very patchy look. When you top up the lipstick or just smack your lips together the product will slip and skip on the lips and it leaves a very messy finish.

The shades are wonderful and quite different from most of the permanent Mac collection. Plus, turning the famous Whirl lip liner into a lipstick proves how popular that shade is and that they care for their customers as some found the lip liner too drying. My personal favourites? Tropic Tonic, because I do love a coral and Persistence because it is an incredibly interesting shade and a more flattering brown shade for my warm skin tone. 

Runway Hit                                  Tropic Tonic                                             Whirl                                    Persistence

Alongside these released shades, Mac included more shades in their collection, one including the famous Stone lip liner shade. These are selling out quickly so if you want to get your hands on one, I recommend you move fast.

Which was your favourite shade of the four? And on a level of 1-10, how excited does the thought of Whirl lipstick make you?

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