Say hello to one of the cutest and most well laid out palettes around. This is the Lancome My French Palette which is new for Spring only (limited edition). This slim, metal palette opens up to reveal six pink and bronze shades, underneath a hidden metal cover/flap are three blue shades. Immediately, this palette gets a massive thumbs up as the metal cover limits the brighter, darker shades from mixing into the lighter shades in the palette. The palette also contains a leaflet demonstration and a brush. The brush... I like it but it isn't the best brush around, however it does pack on colour nicely and the angled side is quite thin and sharp so you can create a precise liner look with this brush.

The colours in this palette contain a mix of matte and shimmery shadows. Both the shimmery and matte shades are easy to blend, however the darkest blue shades in the palette are ever so slightly chalky and more difficult to blend out. I assume this is because the blue shades are to be used as more of an accent or a liner, so a drier texture works well for this purpose. Some people have critiqued the colour pay off in this palette and I must say that no, it isn't the most pigmented palette out there. However, I think that it works. I enjoy a palette that isn't heavy on pigment because it allows for a quick and simple eye look without the need for constant caution. Plus, it makes using shadows easier for even the most novice out there. The shimmers in this palette are amazing, they aren't glittery or chunky but so smooth and sheeny. They look great on the eyes and apply so easily, plus the champagne, rose and brown shimmer can be used for any day or night look.

Overall, I love this palette, the shades are soft and beautiful shades which will see you right through until Autumn/Winter. The texture is smooth, the darker shades are a little more stiff however, this does work as it means that there will be minimal, if any, fall out with the deeper colours. I really do think that this is an essentials palette as it can create soft looks or something a lot more dramatic. So if you don't have a great, essential palette, don't like anything too glittery and don't want to spend hours blending out densely pigmented shadows, this is most certainly one to check out (and quickly!)

Have you tried the Lancome My Little French Palette? 

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  1. This Lancome palette looks absolutely gorgeous on the outside and the shades look so pretty and wearable! Love it! :)

    Olivia x
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