Welcome to 2015, I am guessing that most of you will have made a few resolutions already, be those health or work. I am here to suggest five beauty resolutions to try which may benefit you in more ways than one...

Watch Your Pennies

Just because we blog about it, doesn't mean that you have to go buy it. Here on Coquet Noelle I do a lot of reviews on new beauty releases, this is to inform those who want to buy it on how good a product is, to compare it to existing products and to let you know if it is worth your money or not. I am not encouraging you to buy it, spend within your needs and means and not so much your wants.

Love Your Lipsticks

Now I know that many of you out there love your lipsticks as much as I do, we both know that we own more than one woman can wear but there are some that go forgotten and unloved. Let's not get lazy in 2015 and stop reaching for the lip balms and start slicking on the lipstick.

Every Morning and Every Night

In 2014 I worked on my skincare routine and washing my face morning and night is a ritual that everybody should have and do. Take it steady, push yourself to do it and remember that it is only a 2 minute job... I don't care how tired or how many glasses of wine you have had. You will thank me once you see the power of the face washing ritual.

The One Week Rule

This is a resolution that I shall make and it is to wash my brushes, especially foundation and powder brushes, on a weekly basis. Bacteria builds, makeup dries and application becomes more difficult. Laziness is the only excuse I have but the brushes shall be clean in 2015.

Neat Feet

2014 was certainly a year of neglect for my poor feet, they were rarely filed, moisturised or painted. It is easy to care for feet, especially with an episode of Gossip Girl on in the background so there is truly no excuse. Get the foot masks, the ped-egg, the richest body butters and the cotton socks out, our feet shall become pretty as can be for Summer 2015.

Protect Your Face
Wear an SPF, either through a moisturiser which provides a broad spectrum protection or a seperate SPF. You can get some really nice ones at an affordable price from French pharmacy skincare brands and Soap and Glory so their really is no excuse!

Those were just a few suggestions that I preach and a few that I shall practice,
do you have any beauty resolutions for 2015?

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