2014 saw a whirlwind of new product releases, from limited edition wonders to new formulations, we saw them all. However, there certainly was a theme throughout the year and an abundance of similar releases where every company created their own version to beat the last and those were lipgloss and liquid to powder foundations. Everybody from YSL and Dior to Maybelline and Revlon had a go at either a new lipgloss or foundation, some brands even had a go at both!
Who came out on top? Well, that's not for me to say as I didn't get a chance to try every new release and there are an abundance of reviews on each of these items online, some even on this blog. This post is just something to show you what 2014 in Beauty was all about, and now we have our non-sticky lipglosses and new age foundation formulas... what will 2015 bring? Will it be the New Matte Lipstick? Or will this year be the year of the Eyeshadow formulation? Or will we be looking at new revolutions in skincare? I'm excited to see what the year has to bring after witnessing some impressive releases in 2014.

What do you think the 2015 'it' product will be?

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