A few weeks ago it was all you could do to avoid a rave review of the Estée Lauder Perfectionist Foundation. At the time I was falling head over heels in love with the Diorskin Star foundation (review here) and couldn't imagine any other foundation comparing but being me, I just had to see what all the fuss was about...

The foundation (plus the many, many reviews online) claims to be a light weight serum-foundation hybrid that firms, brightens and hydrates. It aims to provide a medium coverage with a natural/satin finish. I am not a huge fan of the whole skincare/makeup thing as I never think that it works as well as an actual skincare item and I truly believe that one product can only do so much... plus I am constantly changing my base so I never stay loyal enough to one to test whether it has effective skincare benefits. When it comes to these makeup/skincare hybrids I review them from a makeup point of view unless I have truly noticed a difference to my skin.

The Estée Lauder Perfectionist foundation doesn't feel firming on the skin so I wouldn't say that you should rush out to buy it in hopes to roll back the years on aging skin. It provides a great everyday SPF of 25 which makes it perfect for day wear and to be honest, this is a beautiful every day foundation. It isn't a light coverage by any means however it is not a heavy medium to full coverage that most might expect from an Estée Lauder foundation. I would describe this foundation as versatile as you can create a light/medium base that unifies the skintone without covering the skin but you can also build it to a full medium coverage which will create a very uniform complexion, covering most imperfections. The finish is incredibly natural and perhaps the most natural foundation I have found that provides this much coverage as it truly blends into the skin and leaves behind a satin, slightly demi matte finish.

- It feels almost weightless on the skin so is great for those who hate the feeling of foundation but are looking for something with a good coverage
- It is a natural finish foundation that doesn't cake or provide a heavy coverage
- The wear time is great to say that the finish is natural however it is not the longest wearing foundation on the market
- It is a great all rounder for a day to day foundation however it isn't ground breaking so I can't say that it is worth the price tag

 Now before you ask, how does this compare to the Dior?
Well, they are incredibly similar in that they are very versatile in coverage and last well throughout the day however at the same time these aren't dupes for one another. The Estée Lauder provides a natural, satin finish with a light, medium
coverage whereas the Dior is a luminous, dewy foundation that has a touch more coverage due to its thicker, more traditional foundation texture.

Overall, I am happy to own this foundation as it is easy, light weight and doesn't disappear by mid-day however I wouldn't say that it is one to rush out for. If you are looking for a new foundation, love Estée Lauder makeup or haven't found your perfect every day foundation then I absolutely recommend this but if the price tag is putting you off then there are very similar foundations on the market at a much lower price point. 

Have you tried the Perfectionist Foundation? 
What were your thoughts?

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