As soon as the Diorskin Star Foundation reviews started trickling in, I knew that this would be a hit, it may have been due to the good reviews or simply my own intuition. To say that I was right about this foundation would be a great understatement; it surpassed my expectations of it and blew me away and after having tried as many foundations as I have, that is a very difficult thing to do.

Diorskin Star Foundation
This new foundation claims to brighten and provide a luminous, long lasting complexion. 
When I first applied this foundation, I blended it into the skin and looked in the mirror and thought "where is it?! I have to put more on!", but then I saw that any redness had been covered and my skin tone was uniform. The same evening I had a few too many drink and slept in my foundation (it happens to the best of us) and in the morning my skin was a glowing and flawless vision. 
The second time I wore this foundation I headed downstairs to meet my mum, she asked me whether I was ready, to which I responded yes.... she followed this by asking "well aren't you going to wear any makeup?". At first I thought, hmm, maybe this foundation isn't so great but it proves how natural this makes skin look as she thought that all I had on my skin was some glowing moisturiser. 
What can we learn from these first impressions? This foundations provides a smooth and even coverage to the skin (medium to high), it provides a very natural, satin complexion that actually does last throughout the day. It has swiftly become my favourite foundation of the year and maybe even of all time.

Oh and let's not forget the best part, this foundation provides an SPF of 30 so is perfect for day wear but it can also be worn in the evening as it doesn't flash back, perhaps due to their chosen SPF ingredients or due to their "innovative" silica beads which, instead of reflecting light (flashback), absorbs and diffuses the light to give a "halo" effect and I can attest that it does look very "lit from within".

Diorskin Star Concealer
Due to my love for the foundation I decided to pick up the matching concealer. The concealer is very similar to the foundation in texture, it blends beautifully and provides enough coverage for dark marks, spots and under eye circles. I really do rate Dior concealers and this is no exception. The only problem? The shade range sucks - only three in total. If you loved the foundation and struggle with finding a great concealer I definitely recommend checking this out. 

Diorskin Star Backstage Blender
Another rival to the Beauty Blender? Perhaps. I am a huge fan of the Beauty Blender and nothing has beat the original, in my opinion. The Beauty Blender is a sponge which you use damp to blend your foundation flawlessly into the skin so that it melts and becomes one, the effect it creates is truly exceptional. These are pretty big shoes to fill by Dior but it starts out as a completely different product as you use the Backstage Blender dry. This is, actually, much more practical because I always am too lazy to run back to the bathroom to use my Beauty Blender (my time in the morning is precious!). Firstly, this isn't a dupe for the original Beauty Blender as the way you use them are different. 
The Dior Backstage blender is not a finishing tool but an alternative to using your fingers to blend or a brush. It does press the foundation into the skin, giving it a very natural finish without sheering out or absorbing any of the product. It works with many different foundations and is great at creating a natural finish and picks up any extra product so you will never end up with a cakey complexion. I think it is a great and practical product that provides a great finish and always keeps the skin looking natural. 

            No Makeup                                      Diorskin Star Fouundation (only)                   Diorskin Star Foundation and Concealer 

Did you love the Diorskin Star range as much as I?

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