Dior have recently released their new tinted lip balms, accompanying this release were four new nail polish shades and two of them immediately caught my eye... For a week I could think of nothing but those nail polishes and had to go back into town and pick them up because I really haven't seen such beautiful, complex yet neutral shades for such a long time. Plus, they are definitely perfect fall colour polishes.

Dior nail polishes in general are fantastic formulations, they have a thick brush that covers the whole nail in one coat, a thick and opaque coverage which means that these are super easy to apply and perfect with just two coats! Yes, I love and am almost exclusive to affordable nail polishes but as I mentioned before, these shades were too beautiful to pass up.

Spring 798 is a very neutral purple with grey undertones to it. This may seem like a very ordinary shade however this colour has the perfect balance between grey and purple as all the other polishes are grey with a "hint" of purple or are essentially just purple. The subtly complexity of this shade is stunning and must be seen in person and I am struggling to find a dupe for this perfect blend of dusky purple balanced with a neutral grey undertone. It is a classicly understated nail with an edge.

Diorette 988 looks like your typical berry shade however it, again, has a subtle complexity to it. It is a deep berry with neutral, slightly brown, undertones to it which makes it much more wearable and incredibly on trend as it is a modern take on a 90's red. I find that this is an elegant, slightly mature take on the classic berry shade and as it is more neutral it matches a larger array of colours and tones than other berries which lean either red or purple and will therefore clash against certain tops, coats, lipsticks etc. Just like the shade Spring it is chic, classic yet still undeniably edgy and beautiful.

As these are quite complex shade, they haven't translated as well on camera and have come across more muted and neutral than they do in person.

What have you been wearing on your nails this Autumn?

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