Let's Get Lippie - This week I will be bringing you all things lip related from my favourite lipsticks to the best formulations, how to care for your lips and wonder products. Stay tuned because there will be plenty of lip addict madness.

I love a matte lipstick, they are long wearing so therefore less maintenance and for the most part, they are quite comfortable. Recently, there has been an influx in matte lipstick releases in the drugstore which makes me extremely happy as previously they were few and far between. Now, we have a wide range to choose from so there is something for everybody and at a reasonable price.

The Easy Matte
The Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm (£7.99) are a stick lip colour that have a nice pigmentation (some shades are more opaque than others) which aren't too drying. They provide a nice matte finish however feel nice and light on the lips. As they are in a pencil shape, they are super easy to apply so don't require as much preciseness.

The Traditional Matte
The Rimmel Kate Matte Lipsticks (£5.49) is perhaps the most traditional matte on the market. It is an opaque, matte lipstick that has great longevity. It is a perfect, basic matte for people who loves mattes or are just dipping their toe into the matte waters. It isn't particularly moisturising however, nor is it drying. A perfect, all-round option that won't fail you.

The Creamy Matte
Another one for Revlon (who rock when it comes to lip products) is their Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick (£7.49) this is perhaps the most comfortable, traditional matte formula in the drugstore, it feels creamy and soft on the lips whilst keeping that chic, matte finish. This one is a great option for those who don't like the feel of matte lipsticks or people who suffer with drier lips as they provide some comfort and do not enhance any dry patches.

The Velvet Matte
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet (£8.99) is a new product in the drugstore and a bloody fantastic one! This is an "alternative" matte product as it is not your traditional matte lipstick formulation. It is a cream formula, so won't enhance dry patches and feels comforting on the lips, however it does not leave a completely matte finish that a traditional lipstick would. Due to the cream formulation, it leaves a velvety finish on the lips so isn't quite as intense as a matte lip but it still has the same effect.

The Ever-lasting Matte
If you want a lip colour that will not budge, the Sleek Matte Me Lip Colour (£4.99) is a brilliant, and bargain, option. This is a cream-matte formula that applies smoothly and finishes extremely matte. If you love a matte, long lasting finish, this one is definitely for you! It isn't the most comfortable of lip products but for £4.99, who can complain?

What's your favourite matte drugstore lip product?

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