I have always been a fan of Dior, I adore their Rouge Dior Lipsticks (see rave here) so had to get my hands on the new Dior Fluid Sticks. A liquid lipstick offering that boasts high pigment and high shine, but just how did it live up to my high standards?

Can we just start by admiring that packaging? I could own them all for the packaging alone, fickle, I know but who can blame me? JUST LOOK AT IT!

Anyway, packaging asides, the product itself has a nice thick formula which applies an opaque, glossy finish. It isn't tacky on the lips so doesn't feel glossy? However, it does feels quite creamy and thick, almost gel-like. This formula leaves a very long lasting (4 hours) glossy finish on the lips. The colours are wide and varied, I picked up two shades Mirage (338), a peachy nude and Open Me (753), an orange red. These wear beautifully on the lips and almost cushion them, making them look more plump. They wear down nicely and don't leave the dreaded lip line. On my lips it wore for 4 hours, fading around the 3 hour mark, pretty good for a gloss. 

Mirage (338) and Open Me (753)

How do they compare to the YSL Glossy Stains? Well, they don't. The Glossy Stain is a completely different texture. It is a more liquid formula, so feels lighter on the lips. It also leaves behind a stain which only requires a touch up if you want the glossy finish. The Dior Fluid Sticks however are a thicker consistency, which makes the finish last longer, they however do not leave the same stain that the YSL Glossy Stains do. I would say that these are incredibly similar to the L'Oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks (see review here) which are an oil based lipstick which I would personally describe as a long-lasting gloss, they have a thicker texture than the conventional gloss and feel incredibly similar on the lips. These are worth checking out if you are a gloss or Dior lover and if you didn't find the Glossy Stains comfortable to wear.

The TLDR? These are a thick, cushioning gloss that last and wear well, without leaving a stain. A lovely formula with beautiful colours in the range but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative then check out the L'Oreal L'Extraordinaires!

Have you tried the Dior Fluid Sticks?

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