Is it just me or is Summer in the air? Spring has been sprightly so far and I have been loving my peaches but I have smelt the warmth of summer in the air and after this beautiful weekend, I have re-acquainted myself with my favourite orange lipsticks. 

Last year was the year of the red-orange lipstick, this year however is the year of the true orange lip. If you are afraid of bold lips, look away, but if you are an orange lip lover then you may want to hide your debit card as I will be listing the three most delicious oranges on the market.

The Glossy Orange
YSL Glossy Stains are notorious for being the "it" product of the glossy world, high pigment, high shine and a damn long wear time. The shade Orange Fusion (21) is a stunning true orange shade that can be worn sheer with one coat or you can build it up to full opacity (my preferred way). This will give a sexy, summer time lacquer on the lips, once the majority of the shine has worn off, you will be left with a bitten stain on the lips.

The "I won't ever leave your lips" Orange 
Hourglass Riviera has to be the best orange, ever. Want proof? Google: Jessica Alba Golden Globes 2013. Yep, it is a vivid orange that looks slightly different on every skin tone. It warms up the face and is a great summer alternative to a red or a pink lip yet it isn't too far from the colour family to look too stark or garish. It is a beautiful shade that would look incredible with any skin tone or colour. Wear this with some tinted moisturiser, concealer and a lashings of mascara and you will be the Alba of the ball.

The Subtle Orange
For those who are wanting to wear an orange lip but find the above two options a teeny bit intimidating, then start with a gloss. The Revlon Colourburst Lip gloss in Sizzle is true orange shade that has a little bit of deepness to the colour, this means that it won't look too bright or light against your skin, making it an incredibly wearable shade. The formula is a lovely, non-sticky gloss that can be worn extremely sheer for just that hint of orange or can be built up for a more orange experience. Perfect for day time, first-time orange wearers and gloss lovers.

Will you be sporting the Orange lip this Summer?

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