I'm sure every one of you reading this owns a Boots Advantage Card but I wanted to open your eyes to other points cards on the market and how to maximise your spending and rewards system...

I thought I would introduce to you my top three favourite points cards: Boots Advantage Card, Debenhams Beauty Club Reward Card and the Space NK N.Dulge Card. Of course there are many more cards I love such as my Sephora Black Card, Body Shop Card and my brand new Liberty Card but these three are my must have-purse cards which I genuinely feel lost without.

Why do I love them so you ask, good question. 

Boots Advantage Card
I find that these three cards have excellent returns on points as Boots usually has extra points, three for twos on a weekly basis so you rarely get just your standard points. Not only that but I manage to rack up those points pretty easily as I save such purchases as toiletries, body and hair care to Boots. In order to spend those points you must have the correct (or more) amount on your card to purchase an item with points, you can't get money off of a purchase. I have managed to treat myself to the Dior Glow Blush and an Estée Lauder Lipstick.

Debenhams Beauty Club Reward Card
This is along the same vain as the Boots Advantage Points Card but as some brands can't be found in Boots, I save those purchases for Debenhams. Plus they always have some pretty knock-out deals on perfumes. With this card however you can actually get your money off of a purchase and I have had my fair share of £5 off a purchase and one entire points purchase on a YSL Lipstick. My only problem I have with this card though is that you can not get money off of your purchase online.

Space NK N.dulge Card
Perhaps my favourite of them all as it allows me to spend excessively on more items I don't need, or so I tell myself. The Space NK card works a little differently. You get 1 point for every pound spent, standard but once you reach 100 points you get £5 to spend in stores/off of a purchase. If you spend alot of money in one year, you become an N.dulge de luxe member where you get £10 back on every 100 points. Not only that, you get exclusive invitations and a special birthday treat! 

So, whether you spend too much or not, one thing we should all be doing is spending wisely. I always shop around on where I can get the most from my money, whether it be with an offer, gift with purchase or I get the most points/money back. It is all about getting the most from our money!

What's your favourite Points Card?

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