YSL have recently launched their brand new lip glosses, the YSL Gloss Volupté. These glosses are in the same family of the infamous Volupté and Volupté Shine lipsticks. A wide range of shades were released in this collection, some containing gold shimmer and some containing no glitter at all so there truly is something for everybody. However, it is not the shade range which make these glosses stand out but the gloss itself...

The glosses have the same fruity scent that the lipsticks have which is irresistible and takes great effort not to lick off! The texture of these glosses are incredibly light on the lips without any stickiness. They feel almost invisible they are that lightweight yet don't have too much slip to them. If you have tried their lipsticks from the same range then you will understand this lightweight yet stay-put formula I am speaking of. You can however feel the glitter in the glitter glosses but they do not feel chunky or irritable but that is a note for those with extremely sensitive lips. The best way to describe these glosses is as a gloss-balm hybrid, it has that comforting lightweight feel of a balm whilst providing the sheen of a gloss. Another great feature of these lip glosses are the applicators. As you can see in the photo below, they have a diamond, lip-like shape with a bend in them. The bend wraps around the lips to apply the gloss smoothly and if you use the opposite side (the side sticking out) it applies a more opaque colour as more product catches there. Finally, the pointed tip is a favourite of mine as you can be sure to apply it within the lip line and enhance your cupids bow.

Rose Fusion (03)
Coral pink with golden shimmer.

Corail Trapeze (204)
True Coral

Rose Orfevre (19)
Warm pink with golden shimmer.

I think I have found my new addiction and will hopefully build a collection of these glosses as, in my opinion, they are unrivaled and the best gloss I have ever tried. I currently have 2 shades on my hit list...

What do you think of the YSL Gloss Voluptés?


  1. I don't usually like lip products with shimmer but the rose shimmer is my fave! X

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Yeah I very rarely reach for shimmery lip products but somehow YSL just know how to do it... I think glitter glosses do go nicely on top of lipsticks though, they somehow manage to make lips look fuller! xx



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