There is a lot of love out there for the neutral palettes and a huge range to choose from, it seems that every brand has their own take on them. However, many of these neutral palettes contain purples, blues and reds. So for those who want a true neutral palette which contain just nude shades, I have compiled my favourites and some tips on what to look for when choosing an ultimate nude-tral palette!

 What to look for
1. A variation of brown shades. Most nude palettes contain at least two brown shades, which I believe necessary when creating anything from a natural look to something smokier.
2. A dark smoky shade. I love a dark shade as they are incredibly versatile. You can use them as liner to define the eyes or smoke out a look. These shades usually come under two categories: a dark taupe or a black.
3. A shimmer. Most nude shades are matte, in order to create a dual use for the lid and crease. They are easy to work with and blend well. However, I like a good shimmer to add some extra dimension to an eye look or to give a pop to the centre of the lid.

The Budget Option - My favourite budget option is the Beauty UK Brow Palette. It may not contain a shimmer shade but has a great collection of matte shades to help create an abundance of looks. Plus, it has many other uses than just using it as a brow or eyeshadow... as seen here
The Limited Edition - Naughty to mention as it is no longer available but how could I not shine a light on this beauty? The Chanel Metelassées eyeshadow palette in Charming houses five beautiful nude shades and one super shimmery wonder. Plus their substitution of a black with a taupe makes it stand out from the rest.
The Compact - Givenchy Écrin Privé Eyeshadow Palette in Private Felted Nudes is a beautiful teeny tiny compact that packs a punch (in weight and pigment!). Its simplicity is what makes this one a knock-out and it isn't one to be under estimated. See review here.
The Must Have - An oldie but a goodie. The Naked Basics Palette. It has a mixture of mattes, shimmers, light shades and dark shades. A staple in everyone's eyeshadow wardrobe, if you don't have it, get it! If you do, use it! It is great alone or accompanied with other eyeshadows. Incredibly versatile and universal.

What's your favourite Nude-tral Eyeshadow Palette?

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