The newest edition to my eyeshadow palette collection is the Marc Jacobs palette in The Lolita. From the sleek packaging to the neutral colours it looks like a winner and after playing with it, all of the shadows are of an excellent quality and there are some beautiful shades enclosed...

The Lolita palette definitely fits into the "neutral" category. It contains three mattes, one glitter and three shimmers. Each shade is incredibly pigmented and true to pan. They are very soft and kick up powder when a brush comes into contact with them which makes for the easiest blend. The chunkiest and hardest shadow to work with is the centre and only glitter shade. This shade causes a bit of fall out and but always be applied on top of a tacky base or applied in small amounts as you will end up with chunks of glitter on your cheeks/chin/nose. Apart from this shade, it has a mix of cool and warm shades and different textures making it a universally flattering palette. My only qualm with this palette is that there isn't a medium brown shade as I would have loved to have seen a chocolatey shade as the darkest brown in the palette is sometimes too dark if you want to contour the eye and immediately turns a contoured look into a smoky look.

Day Look

For the Day Look I wanted to create what I call an "angelic innocence" look. I applied the beautiful pink shade all over the lid. This shade is a beautiful almost lilac pink which on its own can be hard to wear but if followed with a highlighter shade can look so innocent and girly. To create this angel effect, highlight the inner corners of the eye with the champagne shimmer and take it down to the inner third of the lower lash line. I followed this with a nude eye liner to brighten and widen the eyes. So that the eyes don't get lost in all of this pale shimmer, I decided to line the eyes with the dark brown to thicken up the lash line and create a rounder, more open eye shape. Finish with a flutter of mascara and there you have a bright, angelic eyeshadow look.

Night Look

For the Night Look I wanted to do something dark and dramatic. I started by taking the light brown and sweeping it all over the lid, through and above the crease and along the lower lash line. I made sure to blend the edges of this so that it is all nicely diffused. I followed this with the darkest shade on a fluffy brush and blended it all over the lid and into the crease. I made sure to smoke the lash line up and again, blend it all out! To create some extra oomph, I took a black liner and liner the water line and worked it into the upper and lower lash line. I then took a small pencil brush to smudge out the lash line which intensifies the smoky look. Once the eye was dark smoky and diffused, I wanted to bring it back to life a little so took the glitter on my ring finger, patted off any excess and pressed it on the centre and towards the inner third of my eye then finished it with a very black mascara. A super simple smoky look that will make any eye colour pop!

Overall, this is a beautiful and versatile palette that does scream luxury. It is a little pricey and only available from Sephora (which ships to the UK!). Do you need another neutral eye palette? Probably not. Do you have it on your wishlist? I'm guessing, yesss. 

Are you interested in the Marc Jacobs The Lolita Palette?


  1. I have that palette, I love it!
    Your night look is gorgeous Sarah!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm glad you love it :) what's your favourite shade? And thanks, it is a little out of my comfort zone but I really like it and will try and rock it some more xx



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