As part of the Trianon Collection for Spring 2014, Dior has released four new Rouge Dior lipsticks in a range colors. I picked up two of the shades: Rose Crinoline (531) and Courtisane (761).

It may not come as a surprise that I picked up some of the new (limited edition) shades of the Rouge Dior lipsticks as they were one of my favourite formulas that I found last year (see review here). They are a moisturising, smooth and light creamy formula which last well and wear down naturally.

Rose Crinoline (531) and Courtisane (761)
Of the four shades, I only was really drawn to two. Rose Crinoline (531) which is a milky peach-coral with a gold shimmer running through it. Courtisane (761) is a cool toned (pale) electric pink.

                           Rose Crinoline (531) and Courtisane (761)
Swatched, Rose Crinoline looks like a beautiful perfect peachy shade. On the lips however it translates a little milkier and almost pastel/babydoll like. On pale skin tones this would pack more of a punch colour wise. On my skin tone however it comes out as a pale peach which if patted on can look subtle adding a hint of peach but if layered up can be a pale bright coral peach.

Courtisane (761) looks exactly the same swatched as it does on the lips. It is an interesting shade and unlike any I have in my collection. I would say that it is a mix between a blue toned, milky electric pink. Imagine a neon baby pink, and that is what you have! A refreshing mix between pale, pastel, bright and blue.

The shade Courtisane contains no shimmer so is a beautiful texture and looks great on even dry lips as it slides on top and almost cushions the lips. As it is nice and moisturising it has a glossy finish which makes this lipstick much more wearable as it may be a little too statement were it a matte. This definitely is a little statement and very Spring/Summer. An incredible shade and formula from Dior that would suit perhaps all skin tones!

One thing I would state however with the lipstick and with the shade Souveraine (757) (not bought or photographed) is that these shades contain shimmer and you can feel it on the lips. This makes the lipstick less comfortable to wear as it feels gritty and will absolutely emphasise dry lips so this was a great disappointment to me as what I love about the Rouge Dior formula is how hydrating it is on the lips. So if you suffer from dry, chapped or sensitive lips I would not recommend this shade for you as on somebody whose lips are in pretty good nick, it was an uncomfortable lipsticks to wear which emphasised any flaws I had and settled in lines.

What do you think of the new Rouge Dior Lipsticks?


  1. Great review Sarah!
    I just found your blog while searching swatches of 'Courtisane' lipstick!
    Following you now!
    Kisses from Dubai! :-)



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