Before moving to France, I was feeling a little flush and wanted to get a new addition into my morning skincare routine. On a whim, and because this was a new release, I decided to buy the Lancome DreamTone serum and after 4-5 months of use I feel confident in my thoughts and that I will give you a well rounded review of this product.

Let's start with the boring stuff. The packaging. It comes in quite a big plastic bottle and houses 40ml of product. It has a pump dispenser which I like however the only down side is that the packaging is completely opaque so you can't see how much you have or haven't used.

The DreamTone aims to unify the skin tone and help to reduce pigmentation. There are three skin tone options to choose from: Light - fair skin with dark spots, uneven skin tone, and redness. Medium - medium skin with dark spots, uneven skin tone and sallowness. Dark - dark skin with dark spots, uneven skin tone, and acne marks. Can you see a problem with this? I can. Redness, sallowness and acne scars can be present in all skin tones so splitting them up doesn't really make sense to me. I have the shade light as I wanted to combat the redness in my skin but had I been going off of Light, Medium, Dark I would have simply chosen Medium. The one difference between each "shade" choice which actually makes a difference is the pigment of the product Light has a sheer yellow tint and shimmer to combat redness, Medium has a peachy shimmer to illuminate and Dark has a bronze tint to illuminate. 

The texture of this feels lovely and does a lot for smoothing out the skin and it feels quite nourishing (although I would recommend using a moisturiser as well). It doesn't have any discernible shimmer but it certainly does brighten the skin. As a general pre-makeup product this is great as it does brighten and smooth out the skin and really prepares it for make up. 

Long term benefits. This claims to reduce pigmentation and improve the overall skin tone. After a few months of use I have not seen any difference to my skin tone. I still have a lot of redness in my cheeks and my pigmentation has not reduced. I didn't expect any old pigmentation to really reduce however a pesky spot left its mark and with continuous use of this, it has not improved the mark in the slightest.

Overall, this is a great primer-like product but with no long-term benefits the whopping £69 price tag is not worth it. For pigmentation and skin tone improvement I will stick with my trust Alpha H Liquid Gold!

Have you tried the Lancome DreamTone?

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