After my first experience with Jouer (raved about here) I, being the beauty obsessive compulsive that I am, had to get my hands on some more products. The product I thought would be best to test the waters and that I had on my Cult Beauty wishlist were the Jouer Lip & Cheek Tints. Here I am to give you an extensive review on these products and the shades I own!

The Cheek & Lip Tints are a cream product which can be used (shockingly) on the cheeks and the lips. Unlike most dual products this can actually be used on both the cheeks and the lips as they are not too creamy that it will move around on your face and not too drying that it will get chalky either.

Pigmentation wise these look like they would pack a punch but every single shade is incredibly wearable. This is because these are sheer however are incredibly buildable so if you want that real pop of colour you can achieve it without any hassle! I adore the natural finish and pigmentation of these products as I find a lot of cheek products can be crazy pigmented which requites a very delicate hand application wise. These however can be applied in 0-5 seconds, no mirror and you will have achieved perfection. Plus for a cream product, these last pretty well on the cheeks and, depending on the shade, can leave a little tint behind on the lips. However, they are small enough to carry in even the smallest of bags if you find yourself in need to top up. Oh! And did I mention that Jouer is lego for beauty addicts!! That's right boys, we just got one up on Lego. It is that good that when I showed the click and slide abilities of my make up to the boyfriend, he had to have a play. A product that gets the bf's attention? It has to be A* and it is.

The shades I own are: Peony, Honeysuckle, Poppy and Bare.

Before we hit a run down of the shades, can we please take a second to appreciate the most beautiful blush palette I have, and will, ever make. Scratch that. That anyone will ever make.

Honeysuckle and Bare

Honeysuckle is pale peachy shade which I didn't think would translate well on the cheeks but it works suprisingly well. It adds a very soft and subtle peachy glow to the cheeks whilst on the lips it translates as a nude-peach. On paler skin tones this will appear brighter and more peachy-pink on the cheeks and lips.


Bare is a warm nude. On the cheeks this warms up the face whilst adding the slightest hint of flush and would be a perfect pairing on the cheeks when you want a little something but for it to look, bare. On the lips this is a gorgeous nude as it doesn't blank out your lips and is nice and warm so is wearable during the day as well as the night. On my lips and against my skin tone it translates as the perfect Bardot/Ingenue nude.

Peony and Poppy

In the pan Peony can look a little scary, I must admit that. But do not be afraid of this beauty as she simply is a cool pink. On the cheeks it adds that frosty, natural pink flush to the cheeks which is the most winter-appropriate blush, ever. I imagine that this is a very most-skin tones kinda blush as it will add a soft pink blush which will make you look like you haven't a care in the world and have just come in from having a snowball fight! Plus the blue tones in the pink works wonders for brightening up your teeth, eyes and general complexion!


Poppy is described as a "sheer coral pink", I would have to disagree with this. Poppy is a warm red shade. As I have quite a bit of redness in my cheeks it works very well at mimicking my natural flush so is my go-to easy, lazy every day shade. Plus it looks amazing bared with sheer red lips. Now I would never have thought myself as a red blush kinda girl but this may have converted me. Just as Poppy is the cool seasons companion this is the warm seasons companion. I would say this is a definite 2 glasses of wine flush/been casually sat in the sun reading all day kinda shade which, if you ask me, is pretty perfect. Again as this is a bolder shade I would say this would suit the lightest-darkest skintones. And to be honest, my beauty dreams are going crazy at the thoughts of this on darker skin tones as it would be just so so beautiful!


Have you tried any of the Jouer Cheek & Lip Tints?

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  1. I have mbeen meaning to try these for a while, Peony and Poppy are so beautiful! I need Xxx

    Olivia -



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