Winter is well in swing and the sudden weather changes certainly cause the most of us to get flaky and parched! Here are a few make-up items which shall make you look not so dry or dehydrated and add that healthy, plump, "I just drank eight glasses of water" look to your skin!

The ultimate base has to be the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer as it really does just smooth over the skin and makes bumps and dry areas look and feel instantly perfected. This isn't a miracle worker as it won't rid flakiness however it is great for those days where you feel sallow and dull and the texture of your skin is not at its healthiest. Even I, an oily skinned gal, adore this product as when ill or when the air is dry and cold my skin needs a little smoothing to pick-me-up and provide an extra barrier against the chill of the outdoors!

For light coverage or even as a pre-foundation base I absolutely adore the Origins VitaZing Moisturizer and the Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint. Both items serve different purposes: The Origins offering provides a nice tint which slightly bronzes up the complexion so you go from a sickly-complexion (you know that grey-pale that sometimes happens?) to healthy and sunkissed in just seconds. It also provides moderate moisture great for oily-normal skin... I recommend that those with dry skin apply something more hydrating before hand. This provides enough moisture to plump up the skin without providing too much moisture that I become an oil slick so can be used during all seasons. The Liz Earle offering is much more hydrating and moisturising, I say both as the hydration provides my skin with a nice drink to really help thirsty, sallow winter skin and the moisture is so incredibly soothing in the cold, crisp air. I found this to be the amazing partner when I was suffering with the typical seasonal cold so smoothed over my dry nose and provided moisture to my dehydrated skin. Plus both of the offerings provide SPF 15 so is great to protect yourself from that winter sun!

Now if you are looking for a heavier base than the afore mentioned which I must admit, are pretty sheer, I am here to offer you with three choices. The first being the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation  now despite the name I find this foundation to be quite buildable to medium coverage! Applied with fingers and in light layers it is sheer and beautiful however with my beloved RT Expert Face Brush it covers just enough for day to day and I only need concealer if I am having a spotty moment. This foundation is one of my most hydrating and smoothing foundations in my collection which provides a decent coverage! I would definitely give this a try as it does just smooth onto the skin beautifully. To cover under eye circles I absolutely adore Benefit Fake Up Concealer as it is so incredibly moisturising without causing mascara smudging! It is great if you suffer from any dryness under your eyes or even if you just want something hydrating and covering to apply around that red nose! 

Finally I wanted to talk about the star product, the RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover-up this product is a must have in my opinion for all skin types and anyone who is prone to colds! This products main ingredients are coconut and castor oil which do wonders with not only smoothing and soothing the skin but actually aiding to repair it. This is the ultimate Winter Essential! Plus it can be used sheered out across the face as a light base/pre foundation or it can be used to conceal. I love carrying this around when I have a sore, flaky red nose so normal concealer just attracts attention to the dryness whereas this smooths over it and actually leaves it feeling calm and happy. Plus it is great for healing spots which can get annoyingly dry! Did you notice I love this product? A great one for anyone who suffers from dryness, flakiness or just wants to be armed to battle those winter months!

What are your Winter make-up essentials?

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