May I introduce to you my favourite brow gel ever? I welcome to you the incredibly affordable yet effective Maybelline Brow Drama!

When Maybelline released this product I could not hold in my excitement!!! I have dabbled in a few brow gels ranging at different price points however I have never found one that I love. They are either too crispy or have no hold whatsoever! This brow gel however provides the perfect amount of hold without leaving them looking or feeling crispy. On my dark brows the tint doesn't really do anything however I appreciate it being there nonetheless. The only thing I do not LOVE about this is how much product is on the applicator so before applying this onto my brow I make sure to take off any excess, which is usually found on the tip of the domed brush, off on the back of my hand and with a few swipes in the right direction I have well tamed and groomed brows!

Have you tried Maybelline Brow Drama?


  1. I haven't tried this but I am looking for something different from my MAC brow set and the brush wand is just too dense, I get far too much colour!

    Ineffable Beauty

  2. I nearly picked this up today when in town! God I wish I had now xx



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