Last month I purchased the Sephora Burgundy Eyeshadow Palette as the quad of colours was just beautiful. A very fall/winter appropriate palette with gorgeous smoky shades.

The four shades in the quad are: Burgundy - Surprisingly, a burgundy shade. This shade has a sheen to it so isn't a flat colour and also has small glitter particles which when blended don't translate onto the eye. Beige - a very sheeny almost frosty white shade which isn't opaque but gives a quite literal Christmas-frost effect. Taupe - A navy purple blue shade which has a little sheen and not very much glitter. Dark Grey - A dark navy-grey almost black with blue and white glitter particles running through it.

These shadows are a strange texture. Unlike anything I have ever felt before. One first touch it feels powdery on the finger but when you swatch the colour it turns into an almost creamy texture. Due to this cream-like texture I suggest using fingers as much as possible on initial application if you want an opaque, true-to-pan colour and then proceed to blend with a brush. I find that using these shadows with a brush only is a little more difficult as the magic of these shadows really does come to life when you warm the shadow up with your finger. Brushes can be used if you are wanted to use the shadows as a soft crease-shade but if you really want to pack on the colour then put the brushes down!

Like most shadow the longevity will depend on your eyelids. I found that these wear well and don't have much fall-out however I do like to use a primer with these to really make sure that colour pops out!

Have you tried the Sephora Burgundy Smoky Eyeshadow Palette?


  1. I love the navy-grey colour. I haven't seen this palette before but it looks so nice!

    Caitlin x

  2. oh these shades are so perfect for now, I love that they are all in this cute pallet, I wish I could get my hands on this!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty



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