I am bringing to you a little series called the Beauty Kitchen. This will be filled with food and beauty loving ingredients! The first in this series is Coconut Oil. Here I have two, the RMS Raw Coconut Cream (70g, £12.50) and one from Holland and Barratts (453g, £14.99). Either of which can be used as skincare or to cook with! But when buying coconut oil always try to get pure, organic coconut oil, it will always have the best results!

Let's get the cooking benefits out of the way - Cooking with conventional oils such as Olive Oil is actually really bad for you as when heated all that goodness turns bad. Not going to get techy on you but that literally is the whole point. Start cooking with coconut oil! This will not transform into a nasty demon when heated and will retain all it's goodness! Rapeseed oil is also good to cook with if you don't like coconut oil.

Now to the fun part,
first and foremost, coconut oil makes a beautiful moisturiser, I like to use it on very dry areas such as my elbows and the heels of my feet! Plus it would be great for dry skin sensitive gals as it is a very natural moisturiser. You can use this as a cleanser, it is soothing, nourishing and is great at removing heavy and waterproof eye make-up. If you have very thirsty, dry or sore skin then slap this on, leave it for 5-10 minutes and then wash it off, a great simple face mask. But why stop at the face? Use it on your hair! You can layer this on thickly as a nourishing pre-wash treatment or take a 5p size and rub it between your hands then apply to the lengths of your hair to have smooth frizz-free hair.

What do you use coconut oil for?

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