Being a beauty and fashion maniac, I have of course been stalking many peoples instagrams, blogs and of course Vogue and Allure to ensure that I keep up with NYFW and LFW! On one of those stalks I stumbled upon the backstage beauty at Marc by Marc Jacobs where the models were sporting a beautiful one-shade blue lid and was instantly inspired to re-create it! Of course you can find out online the exact products used if you want it perfect but I just wanted to see whether a normal girl could shop her stash and re-create it at home without spending any money, and I did!

To create this look I had to mix a few blues to get a similar blue that they used. Most of the blues I own are too light or too dark! I started off with the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow Stick in Tempting Turqoise and blended it out into a high rounded shape with a MAC 217. The shade however was quite green and the Marc Jacobs look was a true blue. I then decided to use the shade Gunmetal from the Urban Decay Naked Palette using the same 217 to sweep that on top of the eyelid. We only want a little of this to darken the blue sightly, if you go too dark in any areas then simply apply a little more of the Rimmel to lighten it. Finally I used the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Light in Purple and patted that lightly onto the whole lid to cancel out any green tones from the first turquoise shade, resulting in a true-blue colour. To finish it off, use a few cotton buds and some moisturiser to clean up underneath the eye then apply a natural mascara, I opted for the Clinique Bottom Lashes Mascara as the tiny wand gave me control to add mascara softly to create soft, natural lashes.

Which runway shows have inspired your make-up?

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