Whilst doing my usual browsing around Boots 'thang I caught my eye on the new L'Oreal lipstick collection. These are customised nudes for each of the L'Oreal cover girls. A fantastic idea as you can find your perfect nude by matching your skin tone to one of the spokeswomen!

The packaging is nice and luxe with a matte and gold finish. The lipstick itself is very creamy and comfortable yet not too creamy that it slips around everywhere. However, even though it is creamy I would say that it is the type of formula that requires perfect lips, meaning that if you have any dry patches, it will catch and emphasise them!

I picked up the shade Eva as I have light-medium olive toned skin which is closest to Eva's. The shade itself is beautiful. It is a very classic, sophisticated pink-nude. Perfect not only for neutral eyes but for a polished, elegant look. Definitely one for work. I am so in love with this shade as it is one of those no-thought lipsticks which will go well with pretty much any make-up and any outfit! The only fault I can really give this lipstick is the scent, it has that grandma lipstick scent and I prefer a little more vanilla scented lipstick like the MAC ones.

Have you tried any of the L'Oreal Privée Lipsticks?


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  2. Love this color! I just got it yesterday! It's the first time I actually found a nude colour that matches my skin tone. I read your review and got it! But I want to ask you, did you used lipliner before? Which one is it?

    1. Oh I am so glad it suits you! I didn't use a lip liner before hand but if you are looking for a nude lip liner I would recommend the No.7 Lip Liner in Nude x



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