So when Cult Beauty were selling this little trio of Jouer products I snapped them up right away (unfortunately I can not find it online anymore?). All of these shades are incredible products and if you were looking to try Jouer I would recommend all three!

The set contained (all available separately) the cheek and lip tint in Poppy, the Creme Eyeshadow Crayon in Rococo and the Mattifying Powder Bronzer in Sunswept.

All of the shades are very natural and wearable every day which I love and really suit my skin tone... and I imagine would actually suit the majority of skin tones!

On the products individually...
The Creme Eyeshadow in Rococo is a beautiful light champagne-gold which I love to apply on the inner corners and all over the eye to really brighten my eyes and give them almost an angelic look. It is super creamy and doesn't set hard and lasts well however it is one of the more creamier crayons I have tried and doesn't last as well as the Maybelline or ByTerry cream eyeshadows so I would definitely recommend wearing a primer with these eyeshadows!
The Lip & Cheek Tiny in Poppy looks like a red in the pan but is much sheerer than that, which I like so that you won't over do it. It is a reddy-pink shade (a poppy shade!) and looks very natural and almost mimicks the natural flush I have. It is also a very sophisticated shade of blush (if that even exisits?) as it isn't too pink or blue to look too girly and isn't too brown or red toned to look too bronzed. A perfect easy, every-day shade which is super comfortable on the lips and cheeks! Oh. The shade on the lips is GORGEOUS! I am not on the hunt to find a lipstick shade like this shade I love it so much!
Finally, my favourite, is the Mattifying Bronzer in Sunswept. This bronzer is simply just gorgeous. The shade would suit light-medium skin tones as it is quite a light, natural bronzer without much orange in it. You really can't over-do it with this bronzer as it is quite light and sheer but it is very buildable. I use a mini kabuki brush to just dust this around the perimeters of my face to add a healthy bronzed flush and it looks so so natural and not at all powdery or heavy. I can not praise this enough!

If you want to see what these products look like on then here are some photos of my wearing all three of the products!

As you can see it is a very natural yet pretty make-up. I am so in love with Jouer after testing out these products and can not wait to try out more! And the mattifying bronzer has found its way into my staple everyday routine which is quite difficult as I am such a floozy trying out new items and putting other ones to the side!

Have you tried any products from Jouer?

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