Impulse and Models Own have collaborated to bring you a new collection featuring three high quality, everyday scents from the Impulse range - Sweet Smile, Very Pink, Very Very Pink - each accompanied with its very own on trend Models Own nail polish AND a mini 4 way file/buffer, helping to keep your nails in tip-top condition.

Very Pink*, Very Very Pink* and Sweet Smile*

The Challenge
I was lucky enough to be able to design my own Impulse bottle and create a matching nail design! The prize? A ticket for myself and ONE of my very lucky followers to go to London Fashion Week (fingers crossed!).

Let me say, I am not very creative when it comes to arts and crafts and usually make a massacre out of anything I try to create however I am quite proud of my little lacy bottle and hope you like it too!

My matching nails are Very Pink and Very Very pink to colour co-ordinate with the bottle, they have a silver glitter trim to match the lace and silver flowers. A sweet and romantic nail to match my design!

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