Brand new from Bourjois are the Blush and Gloss Exclusif. I purchased the Blush Exclusif. It is a cream pink blush which is supposed to adjust to your ph balance so that everyone has their own exclusif shade!

 Now I enjoy my fair share of gimmicky ph-balance changing products, I have all the ones Dior had to offer and loved them all so couldn't pass up this one! The shade is a light yet vibrant pink with strong blue undertones. On first swatch it looks quite light and like a shade which would be best suited on paler skin tones however when applied it blends beautifully into your skin and really does look quite natural. It leaves a very "pinched" look to your cheeks which I find to be so pretty and brightening. 

Whether it changes a lot to my ph, I really don't know. It does seem to melt into the skin and look very dolly and natural but whether that is down to a bit of blending or the magic ph stuff in it, I honestly don't know. But, if you like blue-pink shades or are looking for a flattering, girly blush shade then I would recommend checking this out!

Have you tried the Bourjois Exclusif range yet?


  1. is the color similar to dior rosy glow?

    1. They are very similar however the Dior Rosy Glow is paler. The Bourjois is more of a dolly baby pink and the Dior is almost a pastel pink x



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