So after a week of only reviews I thought I would do something a little more interesting. I am going to talk about my most used and loved brushes which I will reach for on a daily basis and would immediately repurchase if lost or broken!

Real Techniques Buffing Brush - A beauty bloggers favourite if I ever knew one. Works with everything to create a perfect base. It really is a perfect brush for all uses, mineral, cream or liquid foundations!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - This is the foundation brush I reach for when I want a perfect, heavier coverage finish to my make-up as I find it doesn't sheer my base and makes it photoshop perfect. It is also multi use as I love this brush to use with my Chanel Bronze Universel as it blends and buffs the bronzer in to make a victoria secretesque bronzed glow. 

Illamasqua Highlighter Brush - An impulse purchase yet I have never looked back. Very soft and versatile, can be used for almost everything. From foundation, to blush to highlighter. My choice of preference blush, a perfectly sized brush so you never go colour-overboard.

Real Techniques Setting Brush - Aimed at being an under eye setting brush. However it is great for blending under eye concealer - let's prevent any eye tugging and wrinkles! It fits the contours of the eyes perfectly and blends concealer flawlessly. 

Real Techniques Dome Shadow Brush - A little large as an eyeshadow brush for me so I use this for blending concealer. Not so much so for pin-point concealing but for redness around the face, around the nose or a cluster of pesky bumps.

MAC 242 - One of my favourite eye brushes! I love this for highlighter in the tear duct or for applying eyeshadow all over the eye without packing it on. Can not fault this.

MAC 217 - Classic. Who can blend without a 217?

Which are your most used brushes?

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  1. The buffing brush and 217 are in my most used too... I don't know how I lived without the 217. Need to try the 242! Xx

    Olivia -



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