I know you have probably all heard about these already however I have FINALLY got my hands on a few and wanted to share my thoughts! Now liquid lipsticks are the new "it" girls in the lippy-world so I wouldn't be surprised if other high-street brands follow Rimmel and come out with their own!

Now already I love the pun name Apocalips so they have begun to win me over, they come in 8 colours. I went with the three colours: Apocaliptic, Nova and Big Bang

 Now the texture is quite thick and a little bit creamy, it is easy to apply (doe foot applicator), however with the brighter colours such as Big Bang, I would be careful when applying around the edges, like with any bright or intense colour.

Here they are worn...


102 NOVA


Overall, these are a great little product, no fuss colour in seconds which aren't too drying or sticky! I would advise you to get them now before all the best colours are gone (Boots are currently having a 3 for 2 on all their products!!!)


  1. Love all the lip colours and wish i could have your lips. Do you think i can get away with these colours at my age?

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