So, I picked up the Coloured Raine Vivid Pigments palette and I was... overwhelmed.

YouTube tutorials, Instagram, Twitter, they're all feeds of intricately placed, delicately applied and fastidiously blended eyeshadows. Now, yes I have a blog about all things beauty but, I'm not an artist. I have some skills in application but I am always learning and quite simply, I don't have the eye for blending and mixing colours, I'm working on it, alright?

When I looked at my new, ultra colourful palette, I shut it an instantly popped it into my drawer. I just did not know what to do. So I opened it back up and I played with exciting but familiar colours. Warms. Pink (Party Drip) and Orange (Splash). I decided to create some simple looks using just two colours.

When it comes to bold colours on the eyes, I usually stick to a winged liner or a one-wash colour. Now, what's more exciting than a regular winged liner? A bottom lash liner. I know, my artistry knows no bounds. But I wanted to play in my comfort zone, so apply I go.

For my next two looks, I call these the 'paint outside the box but press right up against it'. I did slight spins on my one-wash wonders showing either a flash of pink on the outer corner, something to draw your attention to. 

Another easy rendition is to use one colour on the upper eyelids and a complimentary colour on the lower lashline. These slight deviations in colour create mystery and can probably, almost, *slightly* fool one into thinking your quite the makeup artist.

So get your colours out and play, makeup doesn't need to be a picasso painting all the time.

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