It seems that we can't go by a season without an eyeshadow palette launch. However, £30+ for an eyeshadow palette that you may or may not use, once every few months can get a little tedious... not to mention expensive. However, there are times when we want a new set of eyeshadows that work together to create new looks with and refresh our makeup routine. Fortunately, now you can do that on a budget, thanks to Collection eyeshadow palettes. 

 I'm going to be very honest here, these aren't the most amazing shadows. Their only real downfall is that the texture could be finer and smoother... they aren't the easiest to blend. However, they have excellent pigmentation, have a great range of shades and with the right tools (a Mac 217 and a light hand) you can create a beautiful eyeshadow look that creates the same results as a Naked palette. The palette above is from the Little Mix collection, however they do offer more shades which contain different finishes. I think that for a palette that costs £3.19, you really can't go wrong. 

Finally! A budget option for eyeshadow which doesn't includes garish blues, Plus, you'll find complex shades that could rival Mac. Varied in texture as they may be, they are bloody cheap and that makes me very cheerful!

Will you be trying out Collection eyeshadows? If you already have, what were your thoughts? 

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