Skincare, like most cosmetics, can be expensive and difficult to test out. However, skincare can really be the biggest waste of money as what might work for one person may not work for you so it really is essential to test out skincare if you want it to be effective and economical. So here are a few tips on how you can do that...

If you don't ask...
I know that asking for a sample without even purchasing an item can be daunting however, be polite and make up some lie about having slightly sensitive skin and they won't even bat an eyelid. Most skincare counters will have samples of products or even testers which they will decant, just don't take advantage of their generosity.

Travel Sizes
A lot of companies have started to release travel size items of their best selling products which means that we don't have to pay the full size yet can still test out a skincare product. Surf the web and see which brands can offer you a travel size item.

Ioma Skincare
Speaking of travel size items, a new skincare brand on the block named Ioma has started selling a 7 day sample pack which is an excellent idea. Around £10 will buy you a generous 7 day sample (pictured) and I really hope that other skincare brands follow this initiative.

Take Initiative
Sometimes, you just have to take what you want. I like to buy small travel tubs and go to a skincare counter and ask the sales advisor to decant some of the tester product into it and they usually have no problem at all as the tester product is there for us to test and it is the most reliable way to sample exactly what you want.

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