The Givenchy Écrin Privé Eyeshadow Palette in Private Felted Nudes has been one of my bargain beauty finds of this year. I was lucky enough to find it on sale in Sephora and am so glad I picked this up and put it in my basket! It is a very small, heavy compact with 4 very neutral shades.

The shades in this palette are "nudes" and are perfect for neutral eye lovers. There are 3 matte shades and one glitter. The matte shades are incredibly soft and well pigmented. They feel so so smooth and are perhaps the butteriest mattes I have ever tried which makes blending so easy. The glitter can be a bit of a problem and, personally, I would have preferred to see a shimmer here instead. It is a pink shadow with silver glitter but when swatched, the colour doesn't really show through. This glitter should be applied the ring finger then patted on the area you want to sparkle. It can be used with a flat sided brush but this method can cause some fall out. To say that this is quite a chunky glitter, I find that once patted onto the lids, it doesn't fall out and stays put. This is a great basic palette with some beautiful tones, it has become an ultimate staple in my routine and it truly is surprising just how many looks you can get out of 4 shades.

Day Look

For the Day Look I wanted to keep it really simple and easy. To showcase my favourite shade (the light brown-beige colour), I applied this into the crease and blended like there was no tomorrow. This shade adds warmth and definition and when blended right, it looks so natural and beautiful. To finish the look (I told you it was simple) I used an angled liner brush and pushed the dark brown shade into the upper and lower lash line to add a little more definition. I love this look as it is incredibly simple and pretty.

Night Look

For the Night Look I really wanted to amp it up to show you how versatile this palette can be. I started by sweeping the dark brown shade all over the lid and along the lower lash line to smoke out the eyes. I followed this with the taupe-grey eyeshadow on a pencil brush and applies this on the outer third of the lower lash line. Make sure you pack this colour on good! I then added some more of the taupe shade to the outer third of my eye to create a feline shape. Once you have mapped this shape out, go in with your blending brush. If you want to intensify in any areas, go back in with the taupe then blend any edges. Continue this until you are satisfied! At this stage you will have a really sexy, rocker smoky eye but to make it less dirty looking, I added some glitter. I simply rubbed my ring finger into the glitter shade, tapped off any excess then pressed it into the centre, towards the inner third, of the eye. To stop the glitter from making the look too girl, top with lashings of mascara! I applied a very voluminising mascara as I wanted that slightly grungy, clumpy effect to juxtapose with the glitter. There you have a smoky, girly and grungy night look!

What do you think of the Givenchy eyeshadow palette?

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