The infamous 217 is dubbed as "the blending brush", the "investment" brush, the "if you were going to buy one brush then this is the one to buy". But of course if you are a simple mascara and go gal you won't see the need in spending £18 in this brush but I am here to pile onto the 217 bandwagon a bucket load of uses and amazingness!

  • It does the job. It blends all eye shadow like a dream. If you ever tried and failed at the smoky eye it is because you didn't have this brush in tow. The first evening I applied that black sparkly smoke onto my eyelids, I did some windscreen wiping and blend blend blended away and voila! Eyes to kill.
  • Want seamless, spotless, perfect skin? Use this baby with your concealer! Simply apply your concealer with your finger or a pin-point concealer brush and blend the edges away with the fluffy brush. It creates an almost soft-focus finish and is also great for blending any heavier concealer under the eyes so that it melts and becomes one with the skin.
  • Highlight and Contour! Ever found that all your brushes apply highlighter a little to thickly? Use your 217! Softly blended glow, hello! And for those with a smaller face who still want a contour this is perfect small brush which will blend a contour but is particularly great for contouring the nose as it is small enough yet blends perfectly!
  • Make it matte! If you aren't a fan of the powdered look then use this for some precise powdering to set any concealer and keep shine at bay without the risk of the cake-face.
  • Lip work. There are a multitude of tricks you can use with this brush. If you want that editorial sixties matte lip you can softly apply a pigment or powder on top of your lipstick. You can add a small amount of concealer or highlighter onto the centre of the lips to give the appearance of a fuller pout.
  • Blush. Now you might be thinking I am crazy that this little brush can be used for blush but I find this extremely good for those extremely pigmented blushes as a large brush can pick up too much product and instead of blending the colour out simply apply more and more. The 217 can apply the most of the colour onto the apples of the cheeks then you can blend up and out to have a beautiful flush!

What are your favourite 217 uses?

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