So when I heard about this little box I thought it was a superb idea. If you love and collect fragrances then listen up and if you just enjoy perfume or struggle to shop for perfumes this could be your saviour! So, what is it? The Discovery Club has teamed up with The Fragrance Shop and for £25 a year (£5 per quater) you will receive 6 perfume samples, a mixture of male and female!

As you can see it is very nicely packaged which is always a plus for me as beauty box opening should really be something enjoyable and a little bit luxurious. The box comes with two sheets of paper explaining the box and the products with in and it also comes with a nice magazine which features each individual fragrance and a little bit about it. Not only that but if you fall in love with any of the fragrances within the magazine gives you a £10 discount voucher for each perfume if purchased from The Fragrance Shop!

 If you are a fragrance lover or, like me, are terrible at shopping for perfumes and after fifth spray end up with a whopping headache this is a fantastic box! If you are interested in this box or just want to find out more just follow this link:

Are you interested in a Fragrance Beauty Box?


  1. Oh this sounds great and I like that they give £10 off a fragrance.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I have added a new post with updated promotional codes if you fancy a look.

    1. I think that is what makes this box worth it! Ahh I will have a nosy around but damn you, no more spending of my money! :P hahah xxx

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