The big news broke about Rihanna collaborating with MAC Cosmetics and my heart skipped a few beats. After loving her collaboration with River Island, I couldn't wait to get my hands on her limited edition MAC items. The first release in her collection is the Riri Woo Retro Matte Lipstick which was inspired by the classic Ruby Woo lipstick.

The Retro Matte texture is, as the name states, a matte. However it is a little bit more special than that, it has no sheen compared to other MAC matte lipsticks and has a very powdery appearance. It is a lot drier than traditional mattes so I would suggest that your lips are well prepped (exfoliated and balmed - MAC's lip prep and prime is great!) before applying this as it may tug a little! It will last several hours without need for touch ups and due to the drier texture won't be prone to bleeding or feathering, although I still recommend using a lip liner.

I love the shade and do not feel disappointed, if you already own Ruby Woo you don't need to own this as well, you know, if you are a sane person who doesn't want their money in the form of a red bullet. I think this is great for day-night summer-winter, basically, everything. It is a universal red so will look great on all skin-tones plus after a swipe of this and Unapologetic blasting out of my laptop, you really do feel a little bad-ass.

Rihanna will be releasing four collections throughout this year with a total of 31 products; Riri Woo will be released with all collections so if you missed out this time there will be chance to get your hands on it later!

Have you tried Riri Woo?

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