I blame my spending on University deadlines. The more deadlines, the more dollar.

Treating myself mid-essay rush I bought a few little things from MAC. Firstly I bought three brushes: I bought another MAC 217 as I needed a secondary blending brush to make smokey eyeshadow perfection. I also picked up the MAC 239 which is a nice dense flat shader brush to really pack on the colour when I wanted a vibrant lid. The last brush I bought was the MAC 168 as I was looking for a multi-tasking brush which would help my countouring and is really amazing. I use this brush for contour and blush! The last item I picked up just to test out was the MAC Brow Set, which so far I like and has beaten all the High-street versions I have tried so far. I also love the stiff spooly which helps get all those brow hairs into place!

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