My hair is very imbalanced, I have oily roots and dry ends. I am due a trip to the hairdressers to chop those ends off however for now, I need to treat my dry ends and make my hair lighter and more manageable. Even though there are plenty of serums out there, they cater more for frizz or wet hair whereas I was searching for something I could use to target day old dry hair which was feeling just a little too dry.
 In walks in Phyto 7...

From the brand: "Phyto 7 Hydrating Day Cream With 7 Plants is a genuine "day cream" for hair. Infused with 7 pure and natural plant extracts, this leave-in conditioner quickly absorbs into the hair fiber to help maintain an optimal hydration level, preventing frizz, static and split ends"

There is no doubt about it that it is everything it claims to be, non-greasy, moisturising, simple, effective. I apply a teeny pea size amount into my palms then rub it between my hands to melt it into an oil-like texture then really just concentrate it onto the ends of my hair, going no further than the mid-lengths of my hair. It immediately leaves my ends feeling new, healed and light! It is a dream in a bottle and I would recommend this to anyone who is having and problems with dry hair! Plus at £13.50 it is a great price, a high-end quality product which doesn't hold the price tag of one - it may be more expensive than your regular Boots haircare purchase however it really is worth every penny... and even more!

Have you tried Phyto 7?


  1. phyto is amazing! love their shampoos xx

    1. I haven't tried any of their Shampoos however I am eyeing up their Phytopanama shampoo!!



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