Let's review the newest palette from Pat McGrath - the Rose Decadence MTHRSHIP Eyeshadow Palette. This is a 6 pan eyeshadow palette that retails for £50. It contains 2 satin/mattes and 4 shimmer shades that all vary a rose hue.


Let's start by talking about the context of this palette - this is the third palette in the "Rose" family from Pat Mcgrath. We have the Divine Rose Palette, The Divine Rose II Palette and now a smaller, more compact version the Rose Decadence Palette. There are no repeat shades among these three palettes so you could easily own all three without owning repeat shades. However they are all in the "rose" family. I find that the Divine Rose Palette is a cool, neutral story, the Divine Rose II is deeper and warmer with more pops of colour and this new version, the Rose Decadence is a more universal warm toned rose palette.

The formula: as this is a 6 pan palette it does not contain any of Pat McGrath's "special" shades which are beautiful and intense sparkling shades that sometimes have a duochrome effect. What you do get is two mattes and four shimmers.

The Mattes
These are very easy matte shades with a silky-blendable texture that also build upon themselves easily and blend seamlessly into one another. These wear really well on the eye and don't begin to look patchy or fade throughout the day.

The Shimmers
All the shimmer shades apply opaquely and smoothly on the eye, I'd recommend using either fingers or a flat, synthetic brush for best application. The shades Fuschia Flame and Scandalous do feel a little thicker and drier compared to other metallic shades from Pat McGrath however it's more of a textural problem and doesn't really change the efficacy of the shadows.

Overall, it is a pigmented, blend-able and long wearing formula that is very user friendly.

Shades, clockwise from top left:

Pink Champagne - a metallic light pink with a slightly warm undertone and a peachy-gold shift.

Peach Dusk - a matte, medium pink-toned coral with a satin sheen.

Fuchsia Flame - a shimmer with a bright warm-toned plum with cooler pink/blue/violet shift.

Golden Honey - a metallic medium-gold with a warm, yellow undertone.

Scandalous - a metallic deep-copper with an orange undertone.

Hedonistic Rose - a matte deep-plum with warm undertones.

Final thoughts?

I think this is a great palette - it performs well and has a warm-rose colour palette that I enjoy. 

But do you need it? 
Honestly. no. 
If you haven't tried a Pat McGrath palette and this colour story speaks to you then it is well worth it. But if you have her other palettes already, this may feel too repetitive and redundant - particularly because this is a very popular colour scheme you can find in pretty much any brand and it doesn't contain any "special" shades which is what makes Pat McGrath palettes worth it, in my opinion. 

I will continue to use and enjoy this palette but it doesn't provide anything new, special or different in my collection as this point.

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