The Pat McGrath Fetish Eyes Mascara has joined the search party for the  ever elusive "best mascara". I've used the whole tube up before writing this review, as I wanted experience the lifespan of this mascara, to see it from infancy to adulthood, to really understand who she is, and what she has to offer.

Let's start off with the facts: she's a little bit pricey at £26 so expectations are already high. For £26, I really am looking for a near perfect mascara to justify the price. It is a nylon bristled brush rather than a plastic combed brush. The brush itself is classic in shape, and has the same circumference (no taper) throughout the entire wand. I'd describe her as short and squat.

But before I move on, it might be helpful to know about my lashes and my preferences, as mascara is such a personal makeup item. If my lashes sound similar to yours and our preferences are the same, then this review will apply to you, or if we are direct opposites then it may also be helpful to you (eg, mascaras that don't work for me are usually perfect for my mum).

I have quite short, straight lashes that get weighed down by heavy or wet mascaras. I always curl my eyelashes before mascara application and look for a formula that supports a curl. I like length and volume but as I don't have a lot of length, I can't frame an extremely thick or clumpy lash. I also need it to not smudge, smear or crumble throughout the day.

Some of my favourites: Chanel Le Volume, Diorshow Overcurl Mascara, L'Oreal Lash Paradise, Glossier Lash Slick, Benefit They're Real Mascara

Some which didn't work for me: Lancome Monsieur Big (too thick), Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes (weighs my lashes down), Too Faced Better Than Sex (flakes)

The Pat McGrath Fetish Eyes mascara is on first opening, a wise and mature woman. You don't have that overly wet 'fresh' mascara problem. She opens already at her prime, at that sweet spot that we all love in a mascara when it has just dried out enough to give us full, luscious lashes. Because she is ever so slightly drier in texture, the mascara isn't too wet or heavy so doesn't weigh your lashes down. My lashes hold a curl and can really be flexed and moulded into the shape I want to create. The thicker texture adds volume and the bristle brush is able to wiggle through your lashes to give the right amount of "clump" whilst also separating lashes and allowing for some flutter. The wand is able to deposit the formula on to the base of the lashes, leaving them thick and black but doesn't clump the lengths of the lashes together. The mascara lasts well all day, it doesn't smudge, even with an unset and luminous concealer. It does sometimes, however, flake. But the effect of this mascara is worth a few specks at the end of a long day. I adore this mascara, I find that it gives me really flirty lashes, full, fluttery, girly. You can really pull the brush through your lashes to stretch your lashes and sculpt them into a more feline shape.

But, because of it's instantly ripe texture, she has a short lifespan. Within three weeks she is dry and you are scraping to get the last juice from this mascara, which really calls in to question the price. For me, this mascara is too expensive to repurchase on a (minimum) monthly basis. She is so close to perfection, but just misses the mark. If this at least £10 cheaper, I would be whole-heartedly recommending it but it is a £26 mascara that doesn't last through a month of daily use. 

So, do I like this mascara? Absolutely.
Would I repurchase her? Yes, but as a treat.
Would I recommend it? Only if you have the budget but otherwise, stick with your current favourite. The lashes really aren't all that better over here.

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