I don't know why I thought purchasing the Nudestix Nude Beach Palette - Sun & Sea kit was a good economical decision but hey, here we are. And now that I have it, I may as well review it...

Nudestix Nude Beach Palette - Sun & Sea Contents:
Magnetic Luminous Eye Colour in Côte D’Azur (glistening ocean blue), Sunrise Star (luminous peachy coral)
Magnetic Matte Eye Color in La Isla (matte coral), Desert Sun (matte sand)
Nudies Matte All-Over Face Bronze Color in Beach Babe (rosy bronze)
Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm in Babe (glossy burgundy brown), Crave (glossy fresh coral)
Nudestix Tin 
Pencil Sharpener
Nudestix Blue clear pouch 

Swatches Left - Right:
Beach Babe,  Sunrise Star,  Côte D’Azur, Desert Sun, La Isla, Babe and Crave.

This kit delivers soft, warm colours evoking beach corals and setting suns. I created two looks with this kit (full face of Nudestix in both images - only the mascara is from another brand). The first look is a soft, sunset look perfect for every day when you want to create a more romantic look. The second look is more dramatic, some may say more evening. It showcases the beautiful blue in the kit and how it can add such an impact but still look beachy and cool

Look 1 - Soft Coral

Look 2 - Blue Smoke
So the products...

I am a fan of the Nudestix cream blush and bronzers, I think they are creamy, blend beautifully and can be worn sheer or built up. I don't think they are the most long lasting product and I do think these products need to be set with a powder as they are very creamy so lift off if you are prone to touching your face (on my oily skin, anyway).
I really enjoyed the lip offerings in this kit, the colours are effortless and summery. The stick concept however, it is perfect in theory (quick and easy) but bad in practice. The formula of these lippies are super soft so they easily mush or snap off the pencil and you can't carry these around easily as you might need to sharpen it throughout the day? It is a flawed design. I would prefer something that is a roll up bullet form or a clicky-stick component but a pencil just doesn't work with such a glossy formula.
Now, the eye pencils... I hate them. They are so dry, they tug on the eyes so require warming up - they blend ok to say they are a drier cream formula - however they don't work better than a powder eyeshadow so.. what's the point?! Plus, they set down on the eyes and end up looking crusty. Like actual dry, flaky, crusty. It just isn't cute. The only advantage of this is that if you have super oily eyelids then maybe you'll like this formula? Yes, it will last a long time but it will flake off instead of fade throughout the day so... pick your poison I guess.

So, would I recommend the Nudestix Sun and Sea Kit?

Honestly, no.
 I don't like the eyeshadow pencils so you're basically spending £75 for a cream blush, a peachy-nude lipstick and a warm, deep mauve lipstick (both of which you probably own in some form). Also, a collection about the sea and they include a plastic makeup bag? I don't get it. As a brand, they do produce a lot of waste (what with their tins for every single product purchased), I know they have begun a recycling scheme in the US but I really expect more from a mid-range brand to work towards better sustainability.

 What I would recommend, is choosing a few products from the brand you genuinely want to try rather than getting this kit. I'll link below a few of my favourite products from the brand if you're interested as I think their complexion products are really good.

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