Fenty Beauty dropped their Cheeks Out Collection containing cream blush and bronzers (see bronzer review here). In this blogpost I'll be reviewing the Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush. I picked up 5 of their 10 shades in the colours Petal Poppin', Bikini Martini, Crush on Cupid, Strawberry Drip and Summertime Wine.

The Claims
A light-as-air, non-greasy cream blush that instantly melts into skin for an effortless wash of color, giving life to all skin tones with a no-fuss, natural-looking flush in 10 sheer shades.
Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush instantly blesses your skin with a fresh-faced flush that makes it look like you’ve been getting sun, sleep, and plenty of water on the reg. This is blush the way you’ve always wanted it to be: Easy to use, impossible to overdo, and in a lineup of shades designed to enhance every complexion with a youthful glow.
Created by Rihanna to give life to all skin tones, these 10 shades may look ultra-vivid in the pan, but have a sheer, buildable finish that melts into skin at the tap of your fingertips—perfect for those days when you want to look fresh without the fuss. And with a light-as-air, sweat- and water-resistant formula that smooths over skin without feeling sticky or greasy, Cheeks Out blends like a dream without disturbing makeup, leaving a natural wash of color just where you want it.

The Ingredients
Petal Poppin' - dyes may vary for each shade.

The Packaging
The Fenty Beauty Cream Blush comes in  the signature Fenty octagon component in a white plastic,  similar to the bronzer it has the word "CREAM" written on top in a graphic font. However what does differ is the size of the compact. As you can see in the picture below, it is significantly smaller than the bronzer. When you get this £19 tiny blush it might shock you at first but I love the bitesize packaging as it is big enough to fit a blush brush in but cutesy enough that you can chuck it in a bag for on the go or have a little collection of shades in your drawer without it taking up bulk or excessive space.

The Cost

I would class Fenty Beauty as a 'mid range' price point, similar to say Mac and Benefit. However this new launch is not the best value for money so the appeal really comes down to the formula and colour choices.

Let's break the cost down.
The Fenty Cream Blush comes in at £19 for 3g =  £63.33 per 10g

Here are some other cream blush price breakdowns for comparison:
Stila Convertible Colour £18 for 32g = £5.62 per 10g
Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blusher £6.99 for 11.5g = £6.07 per 10g
Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek £20.50 for 28g =  £7.32 per 10g

Glossier Cloud Paint £15 for 10ml = £15 per 10ml
Milk Makeup Glow Oil Lip & Cheek £12 for 5.1g = £23.52 per 10g
Fenty Matchstix £21 for 7.10 g = £29.57 per 10g

Mac Glow Play Blush £23.50 for 7.3g = £32.19 per 10g
Natasha Denona Blush Bloom Palette £51 for 13.7g = £37.22 per 10g
Nudestix Nudies Matte Blush & Bronze £28 for 7g = £40 per 10g
Nudestix Nudies Bloom £30 for 7g = £42.85 per 10g
Honest Beauty Creme Cheek Blush £16 for 2.8g = £57.14 per 10g
Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick £46 for 6g = £76.66 pr 10g

This brings Fenty's Cream Bronzer into the upper price range (per gram) of some of the most popular cream blush on the market. 

I argued with the cream bronzers that a reason for this price tag might be due to the shade range available, where most brands only offer 1-2 shades of cream bronzer. However, there is a lot of cream blush on the market covering an expanse of shades and whilst some are more unique to the Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out line, others might be dupe-able in another brand. So I think when it comes to deciding if you want to pick one of these up is, does this formula appeal to you and/or is there a unique shade you can't find somewhere else for a more affordable price point.

From the bottom working clockwiser: Petal Poppin', Crush on Cupid, Summertime Wine, Strawberry Drip, and Bikini Martini

The Shade Range
There are 10 shades, from lightest (in pigmentation) to darkest.
Fuego Flush - a tangerine with a warm yellow undertone and a gold shimmer
Petal Poppin' - a soft baby pink with a peachy warm undertone and fine gold pearl
Cool Berry - soft mauve with shimmer
Drama Cla$$ - soft violet
Bikini Martini - soft bubblegum pink with a cool undertone
Crush on Cupid - bright cool pink with some subtle warm undertones
Strawberry Drip - soft coral pink
Daquiri Drip - soft coral red
Summertime Wine - soft berry with shimmer
Rosé Latte - soft bronzed nude

Petal Poppin'
This is perhaps the most 'basic' of shades in the line up - a peachy pink with a fine gold pearl running through it (no shimmer). Of all the shades I own, this is the sheerest however it still leaves a wash of colour on the skin. There are similar shades from other brands that have more pigmentation and almost give coverage to the skin, whereas this is quite translucent. It is not as sheer or emollient as the offering from Milk Makeup. It just leaves a warm, soft pink to the cheeks that lasts a surprisingly long time to say it is so sheer.

Bikini Martini
This is another shade that you'll be able to find in most other brands - a brighter, cool pink. I find this shade easily to build, a light application gives that sheer almost Megan Markle pink flush but built up it gives a more frosty kissed look (you know, that I've just been for a walk in the snow flush?).  This also is the most matte feeling blush (I think due to the pale shade) however it still applies easily and the more matte texture can be quite softening and blurring, fitting flawlessly with the crisp winter colour. This is a shade that lasts beautifully on my oily skin.

Crush on Cupid
This shade is a warm toned pink, it is slightly more of an average shade however I do find this depth of pink harder to come by as they are either pale, bubbly bright, or very cool and deep. This is a more medium pink with a beautiful glow. I find this shade could fit all looks and seasons, it can be a sunkissed shade, a more vampy autumn shade, a winters pinch or even a perky spring shade so is quite versatile, even though it looks very unassuming in the pan. This is very well pigmented and can be easily built up so I would recommend this for most skin tones and depths. Due to the pigmentation, it lasts very well on the skin. This is perhaps the underdog shade of the line and I would definitely recommend you check it out before passing over it...

Strawberry Drip
This shade is a beautiful medium, warm coral. It really is a beautiful popsicle strawberry shade, this is surprisingly unique in my collection as I find red blush shades (cream and matte formulas) often run terracotta/sunburn red or a cooler more 'bitten' red. This however is quite a girly coral red that is perfect for summer but won't run the risk of being too intense. It is brightening on the face so a great 'wake me up' blush and the strawberry pink elements in the blush leave you looking rosy and sweet! I do find this shade fades initially and is a touch sheer so it benefits from a last looks touch-up.

Summertime Wine
A surprisingly unique shade that I am secretly always on the hunt for - a vivid burgundy with a fine gold pearl. I adore this shade, this is my perfect Autumn/'work' shade. I find that many brands do a cool toned burgundy "fjords" looking cheek, but when a blush leans too purple, on my olive skin it just translates as bruised rather than flushed. This however is a perfect warm toned, deeper neutral, it retains that Autumn hue but keeps the warmth that my skin needs. I only have a few of these shades (all powder) in my collection and I cherish them all. They are my favourite for colder Autumn days, its dark enough to blend in to my darker wardrobe, stands out in the cloudy daylight but also livens my face up so I look healthy and warm. It's also my favourite September-December work blush, because it has a "mature" quality to it where it is neutral enough that it doesn't translate too much to the eye but it is also colourful (but not too colourful) enough to prep me up without feeling too made up/girly/flirty. 

Let me mention that I later picked up Fuego Flush, Rose Latte and Daquiri Drip (sold out when I bought these shades) - all are gorgeous and similar formula other than Fuego Flush which contained visible fine gold glitter/shimmer particles. I wish it were a smoother shimmer as I don't love the look of flecks of the sparkle on the cheek but the shade is incredibly unique and perfect for more tan skin tones.

The Formula
The Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Collection is truly a light-weight, non greasy gel-cream formula with a sheer finish. From the bronzer and blush shades I own, I would say that the formula is consistent across the board, the only difference between shades is the pigmentation in the blushes. I find these to be some of the most long lasting cream blushes I have encountered as the formula isn't too slippy (which usually allows product to fade/absorb easily) yet it also isn't too matte and full of silicones (which can also fade easily). I have oily skin so I am used to blush being there and gone within an hour of application so the fact that I can wear a natural, easy to apply blush and actually have it visible still at the 6-7 hour mark, I'm impressed.

Heavy Swatch (from left to right): Petal Poppin, Bikini Martini, Crush on Cupid, Strawberry Drip and Summertime Wine

As this is a gel-cream formula I find these apply beautifully with fingers, they aren't too slippy that they will lift foundation however the more gel formula can feel a *little* stiffer so if applying on top of a high coverage, matte foundation I recommend patting with fingers or a stipple brush. However, this truly applies beautifully on top of all bases, with lighter bases it is an almost thoughtless process which makes these really intuitive to use unlike other cream/liquid products on the market which have more of a learning process. But if you do prefer a more matte coverage base, I would recommend playing with these and finding the right brush in your collection to stamp this blush in so that you can have a thoughtless application too.

Blended Out Swatches (from left to right): Petal Poppin, Bikini Martini, Crush on Cupid, Strawberry Drip, Summertime Wine

Final Thoughts
I have to say, I really do enjoy this blush formula and think it is quite unique in it's gel texture but sheer finish. I love that this leaves a wash of colour on the cheeks that looks like a natural flush without leaving any glitter, gloss or a powdery finish. I think if you like an easy to apply, sheer flush from your cheek products, you will really like this. Do I think you need this and that it is absolutely revolutionary? No, you probably don't need this. But if you were interested before and like the elements mentioned in this blog post, you'll probably really enjoy your purchase. However, I will say that after months of playing with these, they are one of my favourite cream blush formula (and I own A LOT!) So yes, I guess I'll leave my conclusion there....

Fenty Cheeks Out FreeStyle Cream Blush* available at Harvey Nichols for £19.

*affiliate link used (if you buy through this link I will receive a small commission from the product, without any cost or change to you the buyer, which helps support this blog).

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