Spring is here.
The air is warm and the only rain is that from blossoming trees, kissing the ground with each fall.

This time of year makes me reflective, introspective and so incredibly pensive. I want to spend my hours, thinking, reading, and writing, only to break for some fruit and a cup of coffee. The evenings I want spend in the fading sunlight, lingering on memories.

So for Spring, a time for the fresh and the new, I need something that mirrors my need for warmth and comfort whilst also clearing my mind and making me feel light, not weighed down by my emotions.

Enter Diptyque's L'Ombre Dans L'eau.
I think the name, The Shadow in the Water, is evocative of my relationship with spring.
Shadows serving as memories, dancing in the sun-dappled waters, waiting until it is hot enough to dive right in.

It's something intangible, 
a scent you can't quite put your finger on.
 But it reminds you of something you know so well...

A mix of fresh black currants, their crushed leaves filling the air, enveloped by a soft but spicy rose. It's not the smell of an English garden, but you'll be able to walk through the British countryside. 

It's fresh and green. 
Fruity but tart.

It's sillage seeing you through the bare branches and blue skies, all the way to the fruitful trees in the gardens.

Diptyque L'ombre Dans L'eau* available at SpaceNK for £120.

*affiliate link used (if you buy through this link I will receive a small commission from the product, without any cost or change to you the buyer, which helps support this blog).

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