I spoke about Breaking the Beauty Rules in my first post where I focus on playing with application and throwing out the 'how to's' of makeup. But now I want to talk about products and throwing out their manuals.

How many times do we buy a makeup product and use it only for their intended purpose? Our lipstick goes on our lips, our blush on our cheeks. Sometimes we mix it up when the brand has given us permission to. Take "lip2cheek" products and "multipurpose" sticks which allow us to play and experiment with where we like to place product. 

But I encourage you to change the way you use your makeup. We may all throw a bit of bronzer in the crease but are we using that eyeshadow as highlight, or that iridescent highlight as eyeshadow? Do we pat that perfect lipstick on our cheeks, or, create a perfect powdered pout by patting your blush on top of a lipstick. 

In a moment of lockdown, now is the time to play with placement, to get experimental. Bring life back to old items and rekindle your love for all things texture.

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