Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter is the new 'natural', glowing beauty product on the market. Ok, I am late to the party with this product. However, it is because the marketing around this product was so ambiguous it just became ineffective. I didn't know if it gave coverage, if it was a pure highlighter or a glowing tinted moisturiser. So, if you're also wondering what this product does and if it is worth your hard earned money, then carry on reading.

The beauty industry is evolving from the full coverage 'insta' face, to 'natural' glowing, glass skin. Charlotte Tilbury has released a tinted illuminator (translate: a glowing liquid that has a tint of colour) to help you achieve that off-duty model glow. The Hollywood Flawless Filter comes in 7 shades (I have shade 4 Medium) and costs £30 for 30ml of product. It is packaged in a glass bottle with a doe-foot applicator. I personally would prefer a squeezy tube because it is light, easy and you can get every last drop however I know that some people love displaying their beautiful makeup products and appreciate a more ornate glass bottle.

The formula of this illuminator is very nourishing, it is a creamy liquid formula that smoothes over the skin and doesn't catch on dry patches or flaking skin. It illuminates the skin in two ways, it gives a beautiful lit from within sheen that has no flecks of glitter or shimmer, and provides nourishment and a slight gloss to the skin due to it being such an emollient product. The tint in the product does provide a light minus coverage to the face, it works at evening the skin's colour, tone and texture providing a glowing and seamless canvas. However, please do not expect coverage from this product, it is not made for that. I would describe this product as dancer's tights, for the face. You remember those thick, sheeny tights that you'd have to wear for dance, this is the illusion this product creates for the face. The images below show my face without any makeup on, then with just the Hollywood Flawless Filter applied on my entire face. The effect creates a beautiful, even, glowing base. 

The photo above has been taken in direct sunlight.

The photo below has been taken in indirect sunlight.

I am in love with this product, but, how do I use it?

I have oily skin, so this all over the face, underneath foundation is a no no. Whilst the initial effect is pretty, it is too nourishing for my skin and leaves me to look sweaty, and not in a cute way. I have two preferred methods of using this product. My first way is to use this in a thin layer all over the face on a minimal no make-up day, quite similar to the photo above, and then setting my t-zone with a transparent loose powder. My second favourite way is to use this as a highlighter on the high points of the face on top of my base to create a skin-like glow that blends beautifully into my foundation.

How could you use it? Honestly. it depends on your skin type and makeup preferences. You can wear it alone, as a base, mixed in with other products or as a traditional highlighter. Whilst this isn't a metallic highlighted sheen that we are used to, it provides a healthy, glowing complexion and if that's what you're after, I'd really recommend this product. I think I would recommend this to everyone because the second you play with it and figure out a way you like it best, you'll quickly realise that there is no other product that leaves this perfected and luminous effect on the skin. It is worth every single penny, in my opinion. 

Now, enough of my love and devotion about this product, let me hear what your thoughts are on the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter...

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter* available at SpaceNK for £34.

*affiliate link used (if you buy through this link I will receive a small commission from the product, without any cost or change to you the buyer, which helps support this blog).

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