If this year had to be the year of anything, it would be new lipgloss and foundation releases. To make life a little easier I have done a round up of all the new foundation releases which I have purchased and tried. Linked will be individual in depth posts of them all however on this page you will find the essential information and brutal judgements of each foundation to allow you to make a clearer decision about them.

Disclaimer* - What might work for me doesn't necessarily mean that it will work for you. I always recommend sampling a foundation before purchasing it so that you don't waste any money and are happy that this is the foundation for you.

Estée Lauder Perfectionist (full review)
Price: £37
Packaging: Glass bottle with a pump
Formula: SPF 25. Lightweight liquid, light feeling on the skin. 
Coverage: A versatile light-medium coverage to a buildable medium.
Finish: Natural, satin skin-like finish - not too shiny not too matte.
Longevity: A perfect working day - it lasts the full eight hours with minimal fading (so long as you powder!).
Overall: An ultra-natural foundation that provides a decent, medium coverage. This one is most certainly a people pleaser and great for all skin types but it isn't groundbreaking. - 8/10

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet (review)
Price: £33
Packaging: Plastic bottle with a spout
Formula: SPF 15. Light watery liquid. 
Coverage: Light-medium coverage. Builds up to a full medium.
Finish: Velvet - a light velvet matte that gives a diffused and smooth finish.
Longevity: Not quite the heavy weight for it's lasting power but it doesn't do a bad job, it starts to fade on the 6 hour mark but keeps looking fresh and demi-matte all day.
Overall: This is one of my favourite liquid to powder foundations as it isn't heavy, oily or too powdery. It looks natural and keeps fresh throughout the day. A great one for those with oily skin! 7/10

Lancome Air de Teint (full review)
Price: £29.50
Packaging: Glass bottle with a pipette 
Formula: SPF 15. Watery liquid to powder formula that is lightweight in feeling.
Coverage: A light buildable coverage. Builds up to a soft medium coverage.
Finish: A velvet matte. Gives a softly powdered "blur" to the skin.
Longevity: The worst in the ranks of lengevity, unfortunately. It lasts for a good 5-6 hours before it begins to fade.
Overall: The finish of this foundation is flawless however it really does lack in the longevity department. This one is best for short days and normal-oily skin types - 6/10

By Terry Densiliss (review)
Price: £75
Packaging: Glass bottle with a pump
Formula: A light, creamy formula with a slightly velvet feel.
Coverage: A versatile medium coverage that can be worn sheer or built up to soft full coverage.
Finish: The finish of this foundation is a very soft velvet finish that isn't powdery.
Longevity: Perfection, without powder this lasts the full 8 hours, with powder you can expect this to last through the warmest climate and the hardest dance moves.
Overall: Yes the price tag sucks but this is an excellent foundation as it doesn't fail in any department, perfect for all skin types - 10/10

Diorskin Star (full review)
Price: £32
Packaging: Glass bottle with a pump
Formula: SPF 30 ++. A creamy, formula that feels comforting on the skin but doesn't slip around.
Coverage: Versatile medium to buildable coverage. Can be worn more sheer (light medium) to a full coverage.
Finish: A satin finish - a beautiful dewy, luminosity that doesn't translate as shiny or oily.
Longevity: Another excellent contender in the ranks, without powder it will certainly fade from the 7 hour mark but with powder it will stay put all day.
Overall: A stunning foundation that gives healthy looking skin (to all skin types, especially oily) and lasts incredibly well throughout the day - 9/10

YSL Fusion Ink (full review)
Price: £30.50
Packaging: Glass bottle with a plastic applicator 
Coverage: A full medium coverage.
Finish: A velvet matte, lightly powdery finish with some luminosity.
Longevity: Mixed. The coverage keeps all day, like a good 15 hours so makeup looks in tact however it does nothing for oiliness. Powdering will be necessary from the 3-4 hour mark and even more there after. 
Overall: I wanted to love this but found that it just missed the mark as it feels and looks incredibly oily on the skin, this is perhaps best suited to more dehydrated/dry skin types - 4/10

Have you tried any of these foundations? What were your thoughts?

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