The reviews came in one large wave with this one, many ranging from "the best foundation ever", "innovative new foundation" to "too matte", "similar to others on the market". After realising that this was quite similar to the Lancome Miracle Air de Teint Foundation (review here), I wasn't too fussed about purchasing this and trying it but the 24 hours claim kept ringing around my head and the added longevity was all that the Lancome had missing... I bought it and tested it in the name of research...

As I suspected, this isn't as "innovative" as the campaigns suggested. We have seen this very thin, liquid to powder texture from previous brands starting with Armani and then L'Oreal, Chanel and Lancome and more recently Laura Mercier.

Let us start with the texture, it is an incredibly light liquid formula that blends out to a thin, powdery finish. I wouldn't say it feels invisible on the skin but it does feel light. Even though it does set to a powder, it doesn't look matte or flat. Instead it leaves a velvet finish that looks very natural. The coverage is definitely medium and can slowly be built up to full coverage. However, if you attempt to apply a lot of this at once it simply won't blend and set on the skin, so light layers is the approach you want to take in terms of building up the coverage.  As you can see below, the foundation has done a very good job at unifying the complexion, covering any redness and dark marks. The finish is a very soft powder that translates as a slightly diffused look on the skin and also on camera. The slightly blurry appearance it has on camera makes it hard to photograph but certainly does show what a lovely finish it provides on the skin.

There is no denying that this is a lovely foundation but one thing did stand out to me... how oily I felt. Now I didn't look oily in the first few hours of wearing this foundation, keeping its long wearing velvet finish claim. As the hours wore on (this was a 16 hour day), the foundation didn't flake (although it does cling onto any dry patches), migrate or suddenly disappear. My blush was visible for many many hours... and it is usually the first thing to disappear from my face. Around the 14 hour mark, the foundation wasn't looking all too great but it was still there! The longevity of this foundation is fantastic however the long lasting matte claim I do not buy as oil had definitely broken through and I was most certainly looking oily at the 6+ hour mark. 

Overall - this is a medium to high coverage foundation that veils the skin in a soft powder. The foundation itself is long lasting however you will have to powder throughout the day to keep oil at bay. The only person I wouldn't recommend this foundation for is extremely dry/flaky skins as it will catch but normal, dehydrated and combination skin will like this foundation as it doesn't completely "set" and keeps some slip so is very comfortable on the skin throughout the day.

Have you tried the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation? What were your thoughts on it?

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