So Fashion Weeks has been and gone and we are all exhausted from staring at the perfect model's faces wondering... how? How? Well, a healthy diet and lots of water can do some of that job but the rest can be left to Dr Perricone and his wondrous No Foundation Foundation - it really is that good.

The Perricone No Foundation Foundation is expensive for something that could be described as a "tinted moisturiser" but it is so much more than that. This is a tinted moisturiser, essentially, and on first application ir isn't anything spectacular but the magic happens once this sets.

On first application it is an extremely dewy and tinted cream that comforts the skin... I remember the first time I applied it I thought oil slick and then didn't try it for weeks after. But recently, I rummaged around my collection and thought I would try it out again and wow am I glad I did. This is a "foundation" that will set to an ultra natural, your skin but dewier finish. It doesn't look shiny or oily but just fresh and healthy so is great for all skin types, especially lackluster skin. The coverage also somehow increases when it is set, on first application it just gives a tint of colour to awaken the face and not much coverage but once set it somehow transforms into a very light coverage that doesn't necessarily cover the skin or any problem areas but somehow veils and smoothes over them to unify the skin and make it look naturally flawless.

This isn't a magic product - that doesn't exist. But, it is pretty darn good, especially if you love that no-makeup makeup look. It isn't packed with coverage but will just make your natural skin look the best it possibly can. I can not get enough of this, it has now become an every day off-duty favourite. Can you tell I love this stuff? It also claims to have skincare properties in it which I cannot say do or don't make a difference as I do swap my bases fairly regularly but it does mean that you aren't covering your face with something bad for you and you may even get better skin with regular use of this! As it isn't the cheapest I recommend going to get a sample at Space NK or asking them to apply it, make sure to wait a good ten minutes before judging it and once you do you will see that it is better than any other tinted moisturiser you have tried... plus it is Eva Mendes' favourite  and that girl has got gorgeous skin!

Have you tried the Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation?

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