I have oily skin. Oily skin + heat = quite oily skin. Most of you will be screaming POWDER YOUR FACE. However, when that climate hits, should we continue battling it? Or should we just embrace it, say this is me and attempt to pass our oil slick as a dewy glow?

Why we shouldn't powder?
- because the cakey, overly-matte look is not pretty
- it saves you having to carry round blotting sheets/a powder and a brush

Half the battle is finding the right powder that is light weight and not easy to over-apply. If you have found it, powder away! But if you are still on the search, find powdering throughout the day a pain in the you-know-what then just own it! Besides, oily skinned gals get less wrinkles, fact.

What are your thoughts? - Is powdering essential? What is your favourite powder?

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