Am I the only girl in the world that always has at least two mascaras on rotation?
I surely can't be! 

Max Factor Clump Defy
This is my go to "everyday" mascara as it holds a curl nicely, defines the lashes but still remains very natural. Mascara seems to be the product everybody can't live without however, apart from lipstick, is one of the products that definitely shows that your are wearing makeup. This mascara can give the ultimate no-makeup-makeup look whilst still defining the eyes. It can also be built up and, as the name suggests, won't clump. Currently, this is my favourite mascara.

D.J.V Beautenizer Fiberwig
Recently, I thought I would try a new mascara. This is a fiber mascara which aims to lengthen lashes. I have a love hate relationship with this mascara as some days it makes my lashes look incredibly long and defined but on other days, the fibers clump together and make me lashes look messy and spidery. If you know how to work a fiber mascara well, this is one worth trying out as it does last well without irritating the eyes however once this tube is finished, I probably won't be purchasing another.

L'Oreal Miss Manga Waterproof
The Miss Manga mascara has had its rounds on the blogosphere and I have seen many a mixed review on this product. Initially, I wasn't really interested in trying it out however last weekend I was in dire need of a waterproof mascara so finally caved and picked it up. Just like the last mascara, this is a very up and down product for me as even though it does make my lashes look longer and fuller, it smudged! I don't usually have a problem with mascaras smudging on me so this was quite a disappointment from a waterproof mascara. I have found that I have to really build up the layers and apply a hefty amount for it not to smudge throughout the day. Even though it did make my lashes look good it didn't quite hold up throughout the day. 

What are your thoughts on these mascaras? What's your favourite mascara?

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  1. I cannot stop using Miss Manga mascara... I do also find it doesn't keep lashes looking perky all day but two coats usually helps me with this Xx

    Olivia -



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